About Us

100% American Grade A+ Divers!

Forget the fluffy marketing language, let’s talk straight. We were tired of the corporate structure that emphasizes profit over people and micro-manages their people to extremes. So we cut up our ties, put on flip flops and jumped into the dive world. We don’t copy anyone! No flowery focus group marketing language here. We are divers and pretty damn good ones at that. We have the best job in the world making sure you have choices and the no B.S. truth about what you are spending your hard-earned money on. We tell it like it is.  We lead, don't follow, with all our strength.

Normal is boring and Average is a bad word around here.

WE ARE:                         

  • Divers that love diving with a passion
  • Purchasers just like you.
  • Blessed to do what we love for a job.
  • Certified dealers with full "Factory" warranties.
  • Dedicated to protect you from junk and improve the Dive industry.
  • Regular Folks. Freddy was a Real Estate Broker. Randy managed a dive shop. Ariece was a waitress.


  • Corporate Giants
  • Wealthy Attorneys sitting in a high rise office.
  • One of the online stores that cheat to succeed and hurt the little guys out there.
  • The #1 online Scuba Retailer...   Yet!




Randy - General Manager.  Just a big kid really. Randy lives life to the fullest. When he isn't leading a trip in a tropical paradise, he is in the mountains on his bike or skis. Riding dirt bikes or his street bike touring with his dad. 

Randy is the calm, never flustered, in control one. A Master Scuba Diver trainer, He is truly an advocate for the diver. His tell it like it is approach is a big reason why we do reviews. When a manufacturer's rep asks him what he thinks about a product, watch out. He is fair but, if there is something that could be made better or if it is over priced, Randy lets them know for sure. 


Ariece - Responsibility Dept. (She's the only one in that dept.)   

Small but mighty this one. A native of Colorado she is a horse whisperer, dog rescuer, animal lover.  Willing to try almost anything, she rides dirt bikes, camps, hikes, fishes for trigger in Baja, and Pike as big as her in Minnesota.  And now Scuba Dives where ever (unless its cold and murky) and when ever she gets the chance. We confess that she is the responsible one around here. She has the most important job, keeping things running smooth when Freddy and Randy are out playing. And they play a lot!

Freddy web.png

 Freddy - Dive Enthusiast.  "Hey, I grew up watching Sea Hunt and Jacque Cousteau, I just had to dive". Freddy was certified at 11 years old - diving has been a passion for a long long time.  He would love to have a TV show that would inspire people to dive.

Freddy's grandfather was an original "Frog Man" in the Navy. He was the first person in history to dive to 500 feet deep.  Freddy has the Hard Hat Helmet that it was performed in.  So you could say it's in his blood. 

He's a little hyper and a little nuts, but he is the most passionate person about diving we know, so if you see Tigger, Superman, Batman or a 210 lb lobster diving, then it is probably Freddy in one of his many costumes.