Customer Support

You need "Customer Support" and we are here to help. We help you and we stay friends. We don't help you and well, you hate us! Yet there is no 100% right way to handle every situation that arises. Our goal is to provide reliable service, benefit for using us and exemplary customer service. If you get what you want then you are satisfied with our definition of customer service. If you don't then you may think it is BS and we don't care. So let me share our definition of "Customer Service" with you.  

  • Doing what is right morally. 
  • Understanding the customers point of view.
  • Never take advantage of a customer.
  • Not be taken advantage of. 
  • Make attempts at a satisfactorily resolution.
  • Keep it as simple as possible for the customer.

We believe that in your heart you know if your situation is legitimate or not. If it is then I'm sure we will continue to be friends. If it isn't then you are going to get pretty angry when we don't just cave to your demands. Sorry, but we know us and we are kind and fair people. 7.5 Billion people on the planet and believe it or not some are not nice people. If you aren't then click on the next site and do business with them. Not trying to be harsh, just honest.