Our History

Born of Passion

What's with the name of 5280 Scuba? Simple - we are 5280 feet above sea level! We are in Colorado just outside Denver which is known as the "Mile High" city.  Not only are we a mile high above sea level, we are a mile high above the rest of the competition.  Strangely enough, there are more certified scuba divers in Colorado per capita than any other state. 

It all started when Freddy wandered into a dive shop around 1997 and met Randy who managed the shop, was the lead instructor and one of the repair techs.  We were acquaintances for a number of years as Freddy signed up for Advanced, Rescue, Divemaster and numerous specialties. After numerous dive trips, they became a little closer as they truly shared a passion for the underwater world and scuba industry.  

Together we share many goals for the Dive industry including making it better. How exactly? Well, there is crappy gear being sold out there. The companies make a giant profit, and the customer gets screwed.  So, to help make a difference, we review products on our 5280 Scuba Youtube channel and here on the site. Also, we are making some of our own gear and will continue as long as it makes sense. We tell the no BS truth about the gear, and you don't have to make the mistake of buying junk! 

Equipment Reviews  

We really are all divers here and we test, demo and dive with every product we can. This allows us to accurately share our "No BS" opinion with people to help them make informed decisions. Obviously if you have a bad experience, which is usually caused by the wrong type of gear being used, you might not want to dive anymore.  That is a tragedy in our minds.  Our approach to the equipment reviews are - If you were a relative or best friend, what would we share with you about a piece of gear?  If we rate a product low on the B.A. (Bad Ass) scale, then we know you won't purchase it. Exactly the goal!!!  Until the product is made better, then we don't want you to waste your hard earned money by purchasing it.  

Manufacturers do react to public opinion when the $$$ go away.  We feel that by sharing the truth about the different snorkeling and scuba products, it will help guide you to purchase quality gear rather than junk. Our goal is we want to earn your trust and protect you from costly buying mistakes.  Plus, with this approach we are all doing the manufacturer a favor as well.  It is a slow process, but we are making strides. Manufacturers are beginning to listen, so much so that they send us products to demo and give them our professional opinion prior to releasing to the public. 

We care. 

Yeah we know, everybody says that. But you have a BS detector in your head, and you can tell when they are just saying it or if they mean it. Well, we don't have to say it because words mean very little. Action demonstrates the truth in our hearts. Not sure why we care so much... maybe our mama raised us right. But, we take pride in doing the right thing. Today peoples idea of the right thing might be different than ours, but we sleep good at night. So, if you really care about something then you protect it.  If you care about people in general, then you try and protect them. Honesty over a sales pitch. 

So, that is how 5280 Scuba Inc. was born. Today, we hope you enjoy our approach and we hope to see you diving somewhere. Say Hi if you see us!  

Have Fun and Good Diving,    Freddy and Randy