Our Team

If you could hire the staff for a scuba business,  what criteria would you use?  First, throw out the corporate hiring handbook. And the HR departments profile tests... not gonna happen.  How about the online resume services that get you a pile of candidates? No #@%&*#$% way!  

Here's our Application: First question:  Do you dive?  Second question: Do you have passion for diving, the sea, adventure & fun?  Then Show me.

Ok, so some positions in our company don’t pass this criteria because, well our bookkeeper is good with numbers cause we aren't. But we bug her all the time to go diving with us.  Every dive related position is filled with a person passionate about scuba diving. They have to be because they don’t make squat for pay.

Our Staff Includes:

  • 1 Master instructor trainer
  • 1 Master Diver
  • 10 Instructors
  • 4 Dive Masters
  • 1 Advanced Diver
  • 3 Service Tech Ninjas (All Instructors)
  • 1 Book Keeper (Non Diver, but we're working on her)

We have the only village of Menehunes outside of Hawaii to work on gear that the Tech Ninjas can't fix. Cute little guys, but they are mischievous as all get out.  A secret you can't tell anyone else is we have Obi wan Kenobi as one of our service techs. He swears that his name is Larry, but I've seen him work some magic on his own.  Have to keep him separated from the Menehune's. Tools flying, Hawaiian curse words, spears through the door. It's a mess.