Deep See Corrective Bifocal Lens for Clarity Mask

Deep See Corrective Bifocal Lens for Clarity Mask

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These lenses are perfect for the diver who wears reading glass but doesn't need full corrective lenses. 

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Deep See Corrective Bifocal Lens for Clarity Mask

This lens is a non-prescriptive bifocal lens designed for the diver who is experiencing difficulty seeing close up objects like watches or gauges. It also provides a mean for clear sight at distances.

Your Rx for your eyeglass will help determine the power correction you will need.

OS -2.50 075 136   +2.00 31.5
OD -3.00 100 025   +2.00 31.5


What does all this mean:

  • OS - Left Eye
  • OD - Right Eye
  • SPH (Sphere): The strength of your Rx expressed in diopters.  Pay close attention to the plus (+) or minus (-) signs.
  • CYL (Cylinder): Strength of your astigmatism If you see SPH or Sphere then you do not have an astigmatism
  • AXIS: Rotation to correct your astigmatism
  • ADD: If you have a bifocal this is the amount of power to be added
  • PD (Pupillary Distance): Measurement in mm between the center of your pupils.  There are 2 common ways it can be written - PD:31.5/31.5 (like show above) or PD: 63

Ordering Tips:

  • SPH: If you have a quarter diopter (.25) then we recommend you go down and a three quarter diopter (.75) then go up.  For example: -2.75 should go to -3.0
  • CYL & AXIS:  If your Rx shows you have an astigmatism then please contact us for options as these lenses do not correct for astigmatism.

Reading Glasses - If you only need vision correction for reading then we recommend Bifocal / Gauge Reader Lenses

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