Encyclopedia of Diving DVD

Encyclopedia of Diving DVD

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The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving, Multi-media (DVD-ROM) is three products in one.  In addition to the contents of the Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving (paperback version), the multi-media disc includes supplimental videos and the Diving Knowledge workbook.

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Encyclopedia of Diving DVD

For Divemaster candidates who plan to become instructors, the Encyclopedia Multi-media is smart buy. Having the Diving Knowledge workbook electronically means it can be used once for Divemaster and again at the IDC level. 

As an active instructor, the supplimental videos are useful when teaching both the Equipment Specialist course and the Divemaster program. Show students:

  • The fiery process of creating a scuba tank.
  • How air flows through an upstream versus a downstream regulator.
  • The goldfishbowl-esque equipment dives used "back in the day."
  • and more.

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