SeaSoft Lemon GrenAIDE™ Cleaner

SeaSoft Lemon GrenAIDE™ Cleaner

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SEASOFT’s Lemon GrenAIDE™ is an enzymatic cleaner that not only kills the most foul odors, it cleans; and then when it’s finished it leaves behind a pleasing real lemon fragrance.

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SeaSoft Lemon GrenAIDE™ Cleaner

Lemon GrenAIDE™ Enzymatic Cleaner leaves that luscious fragrance behind because the “secret formula” is 15% REAL lemon juice!  Lemon juice is a natural disinfectant and antibacterial.

  • Powerful enzymes destroy bacteria
  • Engineered to be used in "h-e" front load as well as normal washing machines on the gentle cycle.
    • Simply use Lemon GrenAIDE™ instead of normal detergent.  For a lemony fragrance, limit the rinse cycle.
  • For soak treatment, use one third (1/3) bottle to 10 gallons of water. Soak for at least 15 minutes. Rinsing optional; for stronger fragrance do not rinse

IMPORTANT: NEVER put a wetsuit or drysuit in the dryer, always hang to dry.  Always follow manufacturer’s recommendations on other products. 

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